Day 74 of 365

Dont you hate when you lose sleep over something that is out of your control and then the next day you try and over come the exhaustian but in the end you end up feeling worse then you did about the situation that kept you up all night?

And its always the littlest thing that will send you over the edge because the sleep you lost is never really regained. Its kind of like little kids that are over tired. You can just say the wrong word or look at them funny but they blow it completely out of proportion. Or if someone asks you to do something for them and you do what they asked but you do it how you perceive that they wanted,it,to be,done but what they wanted wasnt the same thing, then they get upset because you did what you thought they wanted you to do.

Unless we fully explain our request dor help from someone else, we cant always expect the outcome to be exactly what we wanted,them to do...

Love, peace and something about grease...

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