Day 69 of 365

So, it has been officially announced, Mickey Dolenz will be filling in Davy's spot at the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. It truly brought a lump to my throat when I heard today. I don't believe anyone else could fairly fill his spot.

Now, moving on...

I had an interesting talk with my boss today. I was showing him my new magnet bracelet that is to be worn at all times to help alleviate pain by encouraging blood flow through the body. I told him I don't know if it truly works yet but I know I woke up feeling so much better this morning. In the past week I have been having great pain in my legs and feet when I get up and this morning I had none of that. So maybe the bracelet works or maybe it's psycho-somatic, but it feels better. He responded that's how some people feel about the medicine they take. Would we feel the same if we were given a sugar pill instead of our normal dose? As long as we are feeling better don't mess with it.

So, I will keep taking my happy pills and keep wearing my bracelet and see what happens.

So for all you parents or family members or even friends of someone that has a security blanket, or teddy bear or pillow that goes with that person everywhere, let them have it. If it makes them feel better and it's not hurting anyone or that person than let them have it. Some of us just need that extra comfort and familiarity now and then.

Love, peace and try and stay away from things fried in grease

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