Day 64 of 365

It's funny how people make assumptions when they hear things about others that we haven't met yet. We assume how they will look, how old they may or may not be, etc. Many times when people talk to myself or even my mom, they think we are much younger than we actually are.

Such a thing happened to myself and my co-workers this week. We had some trainees that were being cross trained from another area and because they are seasonal and on of the couples were named Mickey and Minnie, this is the total truth, we assumed they were going to be older, maybe a little slower or at the least not so familiar with our line of business. Then we met them face to face.

Yes these trainees have been with the company over 15 years however they we NOT old, NOT slower and they knew a lot about merchandise since they are Merchandise for Special Events. Needless to say we were slightly embarrassed but the trainees laughed and joked at us all.

So what did I learn from this? Just because someone is coming from an unfamiliar area or their names happen to be Mickey and Minnie (yes, that is their REAL names and they are married to each other) doesn't mean they are old. And even if they are doesn't mean they are slower or don't know much about Merchandise.

I got schooled...


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