Day 62 of 365

I am sure I have blogged about this in the past but again I feel inspired or passionate about this particular topic...

First impressions...

Tonight I had an opportunity to hangout and have dinner with my friends co-workers. On the whole it was a great fun time, but have you ever been invited to an unfamiliar place or started a new job and when you walk in there is that group that immediately decides you aren't worth talking to or even acknowledging? Well, there was a group just like that. They all sat away from everyone, granted the seating set up wasn't the best, but they made no effort to come over to the other tables to talk to anyone. This is supposed to be a group get together, not a small intimate are supposed to mingle.

Maybe I am being to sensitive or getting to old for the pettiness of younger adults but this really bothered me. Out of the whole group of like 25? There were like 5 of us that weren't from that area (spouse's, friends, etc) So it isn't like they didn't already know everyone but to just blatantly ignore everyone else is just childish.

When we got in the car to go home I relayed this information to my friend and I was told I was being too harsh, that I was passing judgement. I try and keep an open mind about people, but when you are told, oh so and so really can't wait to meet you and then you aren't even acknowledged, it leaves a very bad taste in your mouth about that person or persons. And on top of it, the whole time you are sitting and talking with others you are getting looks like you don't belong, it kind of makes you think twice about giving them another chance.

A lot of people don't believe first impressions don't mean that much, but it can speak volumes.

I know we all can't have good days all of the time, but when you know you are going to be in a situation with a lot of other people, try and at least make an effort to participate, or maybe think twice about going.

Maybe I am too picky...


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