Day 61 of 365

Today marked 22 years that I have known my BFF. Each year we try and set aside a day to hangout and,  do something special to acknowledge all the years we have spent together. I know some people think it's silly or weird but we are those things too. :) It's no stranger than celebrating telling people you love them once a year is it? It's a day for us to look back on the past years and see where we have been and where we are going and knowing that someone is there through thick and thin, good and bad even if they are the cause of it. ;)

So today I just want to thank my bff for everything, the good, the bad and the ugly and believe me things have gotten ugly, but the great part of that is we have learned to forgive and we continue to love each other no matter how stupid or irrational we can be sometimes.

So, love you lots bff, and I am so glad we met all of those years ago. When God made you, he must have thought about me...

God made best friends for a reason.... he made them for life 

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