Day 44 of 365

Magic is sometimes found in the smallest of places, when you least expect it. Ask almost anyone what their dream is and it could be anything huge or small. I have a wish list or dream list of what I would like to do while working for the mouse. Several of those dreams have come true. One was singing with CCM Artist Steven Curtis Chapman, another was to watch the Fireworks from a place normal people don't get to go, the top of the building on Main Street USA, but my most recent one happened tonight. At the end of each night there are official wavers that stand on the stage by the dancing fountain in front of Spaceship Earth and wave goodnight. I have always dreamed about getting to do such a thing and tonight it happened. I had taken my trainee to view Illuminations and was walking back to our area when I saw a co-trainer of mine waving goodnight from the stage. I ran over and asked how we could come up too. She directed me over to another one of the trainers and he let us up and the others shared their extra Mickey mits. We waved at passing Guests and posed and danced and yelled farewell greetings. It was incredible.

Even if I never get to do it again, I not only got to make magic for myself but I was able to share that magic with my trainee and the guests that waved back and smiled and laughed.

Find the magic in you!

Love and Peace and stay away from things fried in grease...

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