Day 42 of 365

Too soon...She was so young...Are you joking? Things I heard tonight from others about the passing of Musical Artist Whitney Houston. And I too agree with all of these statements. She was an amazing singer with a God given talent and it is very sad to see her life end so young.

As I type this I am reading those phrases and I am thinking, what if people said that about me? And my brain is yelling at me, saying if you don't get your weight under control they could be saying it about you. I know my doctor has told me I need to lose weight and I look in the mirror and see I need to lose it, but sometimes it's not enough. You see, I have learned I have a mind and body disconnect. When I went through my abuse my therapist said my mind went somewhere else, that's why I don't really remember actual incidents of the abuse, and my mind and body never really re-connected. But in those simple phrases I now realize that I need to take charge and reunite my mind and body to find peace in my soul and to get my life back in order.

It's amazing that this happened today because I started a new route this morning to a healthier me and I will persevere until I reach the finish line.

Love, peace and stay away from things fried in grease...

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