Day 41 of 365

It's amazing what strangers will do for others. Today my bff and I were at the bank using the coin star machine and he bet that I had $30 in change, well the coins were slowing down but the total was slowly rising from $29.15 to $29.56 to $29.87 until it stopped at $29.96. Just 4 cents short of the illusive $30. When another bank patron walked up to get a cup of coffee and heard us talking, he reached in his pocket to hunt for another 4 pennies. He finally pulled out a dime and said, we are gonna get you there and threw it in the machine. We said thank you and he walked away. It just so amazes me sometimes that strangers can be so friendly and generous.

This has really encouraged me to begin paying it forward. We don't need to do it to announce to the world, look what I can do, but we need to think of others needs before our own.

Faith, peace and stay away from things fried in grease...

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