Day 8 of 365

Another glorious day in Florida. I love observing life around me, in case you couldn't tell. I love seeing how things progress and change. It makes me so sad to see people that don't try and expand themselves past what they know and see on a regular basis. One of my managers was telling about a cast member he worked with at Animal Kingdom that was giving directions to a guest. The guest asked if there were any roller coasters in their park? She told them no and was going to send them on their way, when my manager stepped in a informed the guest that there was indeed a roller coaster in the park. When the guest left for the ride the cast member tried to argue. She said since when do we have a roller coaster and he told her for about the past 6 months. She then announced that she has worked for the company for 17 years and has never used her ID to visit any of the parks. We all sort of laughed at the story but this is truly a sad tale if you think about it. For 17 years this woman has not only cheated the guests she came in contact with because she couldn't give them any real information about the park she worked in and what they could experience and she had cheated herself out of exploring and learning about the world around her.

Sometime I think we become very complacent with our world we live in. We believe that doing the bare minimum is enough, we do the same thing minute after minute, hour after hour and day after day, but all we are doing is wasting the time we are given. We don't want to just let life pass us by...

Let's choose live each day to its fullest... choose to learn something new everyday...

Love, Peace and stay away from things fried in Grease!

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