Day 6 of 365

What an incredible day!
Yesterday Mom brought up to BFF and I that the Manatees are in their winter home at Blue Spring State Park so we decided to get up early this morning to go and see these beautiful gentle giants. As we sat and watched them it just blew my mind.

It really made me think about the fact that these kind animals have no natural predators except man. We are the most dangerous creature to them. I became so aware how our thoughtlessness out in their waters could damage these wonderful animals. The scars they all bare on their skin from the thoughtless boat drivers reminded me of the scars so many of us have on the inside from the words and looks of thoughtless people. Both of these scars and injuries can be prevented if we only watch where we are going on the water and how we travel through our lives in the way we treat others. Just something to keep in mind.

So Love, peace and don't eat things fried in grease!

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