Day 3 of 265

A late end to another day. I just finished my secret Santa's gift. I knew as I had promised I couldn't go to bed until I had written. Nothing real exciting today except I had an amazing conversation with my boss. This is the first job I have had where I feel like I matter. Where my boss tells me I am doing an amazing job. That is part of the reason I get up every day and go to work. Because someone has told me I make a difference. We may not always realize it right off but the little things we see as insignificant in our lives can really touch some one else.

Learn to tell someone you appreciate them when they do something to help you. Let someone know they make a difference. And finally, be able to except a compliment, if it's hard for you to do that then just say thank you and leave it at that....

Too your health... thanks for reading

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