Day 27 of 365

My weekend is quickly coming to an end...Am I ready to go back to work tomorrow? Maybe if I get a great nights sleep tonight I will.

So the big observations I made today...
First, a note to all people with a cell phone. A public place, like a quiet restaurant, is not the place to be giving out your credit card number and expiration, phone number and address loudly over the phone. The woman at the table across the restaurant from us did this today. Had we been bad dishonest people we would have written down all of the information but we didn't. 

The second thing I learned was to have patience, trust and positive attitude. As you may or may not have read from my blog yesterday, my car was having some trouble. Well, we took it back this morning and dropped her off. About an hour or so later the service manager called to give me an up date and asked if it was ok to keep her longer. I smiled and said no problem.  True to his word he called me later on this afternoon to come pick my baby up. When I walked in he handed me my keys and told me to have a great night and assured me everything was fixed and if I do have any problems in the future just stop in and he would have me taken care of.

So, I am sure you are asking yourself where the patience and trust comes in? Well, to be honest I wasn't very patient yesterday and no trusting in the least, especially after the problem came up again. Well, I realized a lot today and I simply feel as though God was trying to teach me how to be patient and how to trust. You see there are a lot of stories going around our area about this place I took my car too and how they over charge or tell you that you need something you don't and so I started to doubt if they were wanting to help and that they were just looking for more money. But in the end my bill came to $0. The only thing I had to worry about the past two days was if there was someone around to get me where I needed to go and that was covered.

Patience and Trust....

Love, peace and stay away from things fried on grease!

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