Day 24 of 365

We have all heard the saying don't sweat the small stuff right? I always hear about people having to get up in front of all of the higher ups in their companies and having to talk. And I hear how intimidating it is, and like them I had that experience today. I was invited to speak in front of a group of leaders about Safety today. I felt very honored to be included in this group and was very excited. As it got to be closer to today I started to over think it, like who would be there and what was I going to say and what if I'm not totally prepared?

But when I arrived at the meeting all of the faces that were there are managers and leaders I have worked with over the past four years. People I have dealt with on a professional and personal level. They were very happy to see me and excited to hear what I was going to be sharing with them.

Sometimes we worry so much about the possibilities of what may or may not happen, instead of looking forward to the experience.

Love, peace and stay away from things fried in grease...


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