Day 23 of 365

So, it's back to my journey...

Do you ever have those days that you wish you would have just stayed in bed? Where you just don't feel motivated to do anything? Well, I feel like I had one of those days today. When I feel this way I feel like I have failed in so many ways and I get down on myself...Actually I used. I believe sometimes our bodies and minds just know when we need a break from the norm. I guess that is how it was for me today.

Something I have been learning to do is listening to my body. Sometimes I don't think I listen hard enough. Like right now my eyes are slowly opening and closing and I am yawning quite frequently, but my brain is saying you can't let yourself down and so I continue to type. So, listen to you body...I am finally going to listen to mine.

Love, peace and stay away from things fried in grease...


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