Day 2 of 365

We start yet another beautiful day. Thankfully no falling lamps, actually it was a fairly uneventful morning. In fact it was a nice day of traveling around work talking with my fellow cast members and leaders laughing and learning new things together. Doesn't that sound just too magical? :)

The real excitement happened when I got home this evening and my Mom decided that we needed to bring in all of her plants from outside do to the impending freeze. We scurried in and out of the house bringing in all of the plants and then sat down to quality t.v. and Facebook games. When one of my beloved fur babies decided she wanted to climb on the bookshelf in the kitchen. Remember my theme from yesterday? Well, she too believe the plant would look much better on the ground and I was once again sweeping and cleaning up a broken flower pot. Everyone, even the plant, was o.k. despite a few broken branches and my mom and learned that the four season room was a much better home for the plants.

I hope your day was well as well.
More later!

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