Day 19 of 365

So the weirdest thing happened today. I was driving home and a car next to me honked to get my attention. Now this is not uncommon people do it all the time to ask for directions, I mean I live in a tourist town, but this time it was different. I turned and rolled down my window and the gentleman in the next vehicle said, "I'm sorry to bother you but I just want to know you are beautiful." I guess all of my blogging and self coaching is working because I responded with a simple thank you. He asked my name and I asked his, Raphael. Then the light changed and I continued on my way.  So, who ever you are Raphael, thank you. As I continued home I got a little chocked up. I have heard it from friends and family before only to think, you have to say that you're family, but this was a complete stranger. Of course the inner me, the scared little girl, is saying he didn't mean it, I'm not special. But as I have been learning through therapy and my health coach, people don't just say things like that and not mean it. He wasn't in a car with other people trying to make a joke of me, he honestly saw something that made him stop and compelled him to talk to me. I'm still digesting it and I am still not sure how I quite feel about it, but it was really nice.

Even when I get focused on what I hate about my outside, someone else saw what they liked and didn't hold back. So Mr. Raphael, whomever you are...thank you for making me feel like a swan today.

Love, peace and stay away from things fried in grease!

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