Day 14 of 365

I'm sure I have brought this up before but it bears repeating... For those of you that struggle with PSE (Poor Self Esteem) like myself I am sure you know what it is like when someone gives you a genuine compliment, and what is your initial reaction? You are like...noooo you don't mean that or you don't know how to respond. I am going to tell you how to handle this...

Repeat after me...Thank you

Yes I am serious. It's just that simple. It make take a few times but it gets easier. People don't normally compliment you for no reason and if they do it's ok. We have to learn that we deserve the kindness of others and appreciation. The reason I said this is a co-worker of mine gave me a really nice compliment today, actually more than once and the old me would have pushed the compliment aside and part of me still wanted to, but then I said thank you and then one of the new cast members told the other trainer and I that we were the best trainers ever and that really made me feel good.

So, today's lesson is to except compliments graciously...

Have a magical night

Love, peace and stay away from things fried in grease.


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