Day 10 of 365

I woke up this morning to a million thoughts in my head. One of them being how much we put a priority on others and their problems and needs but we don't make our needs and problems and just our own well being a priority. The classic movie example is the mom in "The Christmas Story." Grown up Ralphie even comments that he didn't think his mom had ever had a hot meal because she was always taking care of everyone else.

I know we are all guilty of this now and then but some of us bring unprioritizing ourselves to a higher level. Yeah, I made that word but think about it. When we stop making ourselves a priority so will everyone else. For me it has been this way as long as I can remember. I am always the one taking care of everyone else. Always the peacemaker, caregiver, planner, gift giver... I was always doing for others that I never gave anyone the opportunity to try and do for me. (does this make sense?)

We all of this innate desire to care for others and want to be cared for in return, but sometimes through life's ups and downs these desires can change. We feel as though we don't deserve to be cared for, that we aren't special or important, we shouldn't be someone else's priority. But I am here to say that we all deserve to be cared for and to be treated special and we are important.

Life happens, things happen but life and things can be changed. We can't be the victim our whole life, at some point we have to look at ourselves and say enough is enough. I am important, I am special, I am a priority to me.

Make time for yourself, make yourself and your well being a priority in your life.


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